Need support

Dear Sir,
I have install the DHIS2 version 2.34.3 but i am facing some issues, i think with your help i will will solve it all, as you can see in the image i have describe the problems
1-not able to generate new profile ID in the tracker capture enrolment. which i think it should be provided by the system but it need some special setup, hope you can help with this.
2- when i click on the nationality nothing happen i am sure that i have to do something in order to import the countries into this.
3- when i click on the district and locality/municipality boxes are empty but i am sure that it should be linked to the data in the organization unit in a way , ???

waiting to hear from you soon
Best Regards

Dear Said,
1-Can you please share the definition of your ID as in the maintenance app?
2-for the nationalities, usually need to define them in the option set and assign the option set to that tracked entity attribute
3-the locality/municipality are not linked to the org unit unless you create a custom rule to do so based on the org unit. But then if you want them to be assigned by the system why have them here while u already have them in the org unit?