Need help on creating User roles

Hi dear Community, @dhis2-tracker

Is there any possibility to create a user, which can see the TEI(enrollments, events) in READ ONLY mode? I need some users could see the body of the enrollments and events, but could not make any changes.

and is there any possibility to create a user role, which can disable\hide TEI buttons Complete, Deactivate and Delete on Enrollment and Data entry forms for the particular users, as shown images above and below?

Thank you.
Regards, Ulanbek

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You might have already thought of, but still, creating a view-only user-groups and assign to the user and to program share settings, will it serve your purpose?


Thanks @jthomas for your reply.

Yes, I was thinking about it. My main purpose was to create role more understandable for other new DHIS2 admins, and really want to separated access and rights to enrollment and event.

Thank you again @jthomas

Regards, Ulanbek

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