Need Help is there anyone find this Error Failed to load Metadata in WAR version 2.31.5

I am using DHIS2 WAR version 2.31.5, Tomcat 9 and Postgres 10. all the apps (Data entry) running good but when I worked on tracker app it showing Failed to load Metadata??

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Hello @mdkhan,

I hope you are well. Following up on this issue - DId you manage to get a fix for this? Kindly let us know.


Should use this solution if anyone is encountering the error. This happens when you are running tomcat 8+. Then if you are using dhis2 tools, please make the edits on /var/lib/dhis2/instance/conf/server.xml

Using version 2.33.7 on tomcat 8.5, this problem seems to resurface despite having relaxedQueryChars="[,]" in the server.xml file. I am trying to see if any other invalid characters in the query as shown below:,displayName,userCredentials[username,userRoles[id,programs,authorities]],organisationUnits[id,displayName,programs[id],level,code,path,children[id,displayName,programs[id],level,children[id]]],dataViewOrganisationUnits[id,displayName,programs[id],level,path,code,children[id,displayName,programs[id],level,children[id]]],teiSearchOrganisationUnits[id,displayName,programs[id],level,path,code,children[id,displayName,programs[id],level,children[id]]]&_=1611828129962

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Turns out, the issue was there were two , one for HTTP and HTTPS. Have to apply the above solution to both/

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