Need free open source wordpress viewer

Hello, I hope you are well I need free and open source visualizer for my learning
I work on a wordpress site thank you

Welcome to the community @Nabil!

Thank you for your interest in DHIS2. Would you please explain more about the use case? Are you working on a DHIS2 implementation? Please have a look at instances, you can have a look at the Data Visualizer app after logging in.

For learning more about dhis2 please read the post below by @Matthieu:
The DHIS2 Online Academy is introducing new courses on our updated training platform!

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Hello, thank you very much for your attention.
my goal is to be able to view the data on another application either a wordpress or javascript application I don’t really know how it all works.

It is possible to download visualizations, but it seems you want something more interactive. Like this, [DHIS2-11494] - Jira which is still a feature request.

You can use the API to retrieve all the data you want and display it on your site, please see the API docs: Introduction - DHIS2 Documentation