Naming adding program stage in tracker

I need an assistance on how the adding program stage to be named as 1st visit, when add again to be named as 2st visit and continuous. because when you add a repeatable program stage it only captures the name of organization, and dates only… so i would it to name as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on as a person adds a stage

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Maybe you can use an ASSIGN program rule combined with V{event_count} or something like that?


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Hi @Calle_Hedberg,

I have a similar problem to Ahly and the following use cases.

  1. We will need to be capturing clinical data for period of 7 months; a month corresponding to one visit/event, i.e, we will be filling out a repeated program stage 7 times and we would therefore like to automatically block future data entry for the program stage when the number of visits reaches 7th visit, but allowing the user to enter data in other program stage. By doing so, we want the user not to be allowed to add the 8th visit/event.

Using the program rule expression and program rule action below (show error, error on complete), we display a message to the user that says “The number of visits should be 7”, but after closing the PR action message and clicking on the add button, a new event is added. The program rule and PR action do not prevent the user from adding more events, so I am looking for ways to block program stage for further data entries.

V{program_stage_id} == ‘program Stage uid’ && V{event_count} > 7

  1. In another program stage, I would like to track a yes/no data element. That is, if the answer to this DE is No four times consecutive, then block program stage for future data entry. (if the answer to the DE is No for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th visits consecutively, display a message and block user input). The situation is a bit similar to 1, but this time it is a data element.

I did try to combine:

V{program_stage_id} , V{event_count} and d2:countIfValue, but no sucess.

I will greatly appreciate your quick help and your experienced knowledge.