My program indicator does not get updated

Hi everyone,

I have built an indicator that is meant to count trainees only once even if attending multiple programs.

Program indicator:

Number of trainees aged 14 and 17 that attended all programs.

These are steps I have taken to create the indicator

Aggregation type: count

Analytics type: Enrollment

Expression: V{enrollment_count}


I have registered 13 trainees as test data and only 10 meet the criteria. The program indicator seems to be working

But when I register new trainees that meet the same criteria, the PI does not get updated. I have run analytics twice, but the PI stills shows the same result: 8. I do know if the problems is the PI itself or not.

Any guidance is welcome.


Hi @dmbantu, have you check if the analytics Cache strategy of your System Settings is not displaying old cached-values?

Hi @barreda,

In cache strategy, there is Cache for two weeks. What should I have as default?


It depends on how often you load your analytics. Quote from the documentation “If you are loading data continuously into the analytics tables, select No cache”. But it might stress your server performance. When we are doing some test we set it as No cache whereas normally we have set it for one hour (we run analytics once a day).

Try setting it as No Cache and run analytics again, values should be then updated.