My level 2 org unit appear above parent org unit as well as within the parent org unit

I observed that 2 out my 37 level 2 org units appear on top of my parent org unit and also as level 2 under the parent.
How do I resolve this?

Hi @Mercy_Chinenye_Morka

Welcome to the community!:tada:

It seems that these two are duplicates so check the UID of each to be sure if that’s a duplicate, cache issue or something else that we’ll have to look further into.

If it’s a duplicate then Abia which is at the same level as Federal Gov. should have the same UID as the Abia which is at a lower level than Fed. Gov.

If it’s not a duplicate which means both have different UIDs then the one that is not in it’s level needs to be deleted.

In both cases, it will require to first run maintenance in the Data Administration app, and then clear browser cache (Browser Cache cleaner app and hard reload using CTRL+SHIFT+F5).

Hope this helps!