My DHIS2 2.30 is not sending scheduled messages

Hi Community,

I am using a DHIS2 2.30 version in an ubuntu machine and I want to send notification at a scheduled date.
The system can send messages when option is after stage completion, but not when I choose scheduled date and note that I have the cron job in the Scheduler running as specified but sending nothing.
Is there any known issue in version 2.30?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @diao,

I have checked on Jira and saw you had reported this on DHIS2 - 6342. @Emma_Kassy can you have a look at this please?


Hi James,
Thank you very much for your quick response. Merci :slight_smile:

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Hi @jomutsani @Emma_Kassy hope you going well,
Is there any information that I can have from this issue, maybe knowing that this is working with 2.30 or other versions can help me to investigate.

Here is my use case :
" Aim : Sending a reminder message 2 days before to a patient based on his appointment date with a tracker program.

Config :

  • One repeated stage : « Visit »
  • Three attributes : « Patient code », « Name » and « Telephone »
  • One data element : None

Issue :

  • Message is sent when I chose stage completion in the When option(gateway ok) but not with the scheduled message,
  • All I did is to create a cron in the Scheduler app (with scheduled message option) which run at the specified time but not sending the messages."

Am I missing something?

Best regards.

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@Calle_Hedberg - your expertise is needed here please.



Contact @zubair for these messaging issues


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