Multiple Root Organisation Units

Hello DHIS 2 Users List!

I noticed that in 2.29 in the SL Demo, using the user interface, it no longer appears possible to create additional root Organisation Units (OUs). Nor is it possible to reassign existing OUs to become a new root OU. So the process to create one is more tricky, as is assigning your user to it.

I was wondering how many people make use of multiple root OUs in your DHIS 2 servers, and if we should ask for this feature to be brought back to the user interface, or disallowed entirely?



Timothy Harding
Sr. Systems Analyst, BAO Systems

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Hi Tim - I know you posted this a long time ago but I just tried to reassign our second root org unit to fall under the other root org unit we had, since the system is no longer recognizing it. As a result, everything seems to have gone screwy – I can see the new org unit hierachy in the new data visualizer, but all the other analysis tool (pivot table, old visualizer, event report) are showing me a messed up version of the org unit hierarchy and not letting me select sub-units.

I have cleared everything and update everything in the data admin app but still having no luck fixing it. Did you ever hear anything more on this topic?