Multiple DHIS2 instances on Windows

Dear Knut,
   if you think linux is good to be used in our server why do we have to limit ourselves since most of us are ICT people(me and my team), i think we have to use any operating system and it becomes our assignment to adapt ourselves since we are the key players. U wl give us the basic knowledge and we wl use internet to learn more. Thanks

Thats my Idea.


On Fri Aug 19th, 2011 3:40 AM PDT Knut Staring wrote:

Thanks for all the input - it has been very useful. I have come to realize
that this current setup should be considered temporary (until the end of the
year) and thinking&resources should probably now rather be dedicated towards
setting up two national production machines by the end of the year (one for
the national repository/dashboard, one for the HMIS), and these should align
as much as feasible with the description in the link Ola sent:

In fact, we already also have a Linode, so far with only 4 GB, but that can
of course be increased as needed.


On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 12:28 PM, Bob Jolliffe <>wrote:

dhis-live is not really designed to be run as a service and I wouldn't
really recommend trying. Given that it has a user interaction element
in the toolbar etc. Running as a service is sort of the opposite of
its defining use case which is to have a minimally configured
clickable app to run on a desktop.

I think there are lots of tips on the web regarding running tomcat as
a service. Also HISP India has some previous experience in running
many tomcat's on a single windows server for different states. Maybe
Bharath or John might chip in how they have set up the service.
Assuming that is, that they ran tomcat as a windows service. Possibly
they logged in and manually started and stopped them.

I always find it interesting when looking at the merits of windows vs
linux servers that the argument is usually given that windows is more
familiar and the hurdle to move to linux is too great. But when one
scrapes the surface it seems that windows server skills are actually
very scarce. People think they understand windows server because it
looks just like windows. But you'll actually find much more
knowledgeable support in our community for setting up a
dhis+tomcat+postgres+ubuntu. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Re displaying different text on hover, its not a bad idea, but not one
that anyone is likely to prioritize immediately. Maybe create a
blueprint so the idea is not lost. From a zero-configuration
perspective there is not much to go on mind you. We have the options
of server port, database name or dhis home directory to distinguish
between them, but using something mangled from those would at least
provide something. A more nicely named instance would require an
additional config parameter or a small dialog on startup.


On 19 August 2011 11:06, Knut Staring <> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 2:59 PM, Bob Jolliffe <> >> wrote:
>> On 18 August 2011 13:56, Knut Staring <> wrote:
>> > On 8/18/11, Knut Staring <> wrote:
>> >> As Ola pointed out, the remaining and important issue is the
>> >> startup after a power cut.
>> >
>> > In fact, this is really easy, just place shortcuts to the two
>> > dhis2-live.exe files in the Windows Startup folder:
>> >
>> >
Windows help & learning
>> Are talking about startup or logging in?
> Good point - that method does require the manual step of going to the
> machine and logging in.
> Ideally, we would create our own three services that start automagically
> boot. Found the following link, but have not tried it yet:
> sc.exe create | Microsoft Learn
> Knut
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