Multi OrgUnit Data Entry

Hello Community!

I’m hoping someone can help with strange behavior we’re seeing in our system (v 2.37.8)

I have a section form dataset with one data element. This dE has a catcombo set as ‘Number’. This dataset is at the lowest level of our organization unit hierarchy. I have selected ‘Enable multi-organisation unit forms’ in my system general settings.

I expect to be able to collect data for this data element across multiple orgUnits grouped at one level up.

However, in data entry there is no field to view or enter data against the data element. Meaning, there is no box for data entry. It is blank space next to the data element name.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?



Hello @lnfregos

Ensure the dataset access and category are set as shown in the picture.

Sharing Setting

Hello @jamal_aljadan,

Thanks for your response! Our sharing settings are as you suggested and we’re still seeing the same behavior. I’m also testing as a super user so I don’t expect sharing settings to be the issue. Any other ideas?

Thanks again!

For more information, this is the error in the console we’re seeing …

I suspect there might be a problem selecting the Org unit in the dataset. To work around this, I tried using the multi OrgUnit Data Entry feature in the demo version (version 2.38.7) and, it functioned correctly. The images below illustrate how to select the OrgUnit.