Moving between pivots, visualizer and GIS


I am getting the following error when trying to move between the above mentioned apps (ie. create this table as a chart, create this chart as a table etc.)


This seems to occur if I have multiple organisation units selected. The period can either be in the filter or column of a table, or in the filter of a chart for this to occur.

It seems to work ok if only one org unit is selected with multiple periods.

The steps to find this error are the following in pivot table as an example:

  1. Create a pivot table with one DE, one period (last year, 2012, etc.) and multiple org units

  2. Arrange the layout as Filter: Period, Column: Data, Row: Org unit

  3. Update

  4. Try to “Create this table as chart”

​Any ideas?​




Shurajit Dutta
Health Information Consultant