more issues in 2.24

Hi DHIS2 team

We are in a process of upgrade and hence have been testing 2.24 rigorously. We will be upgrading from 2.21 to 2.24 and the new features look really useful, some of the features are the ones we were waiting for… Seems like there are a few issues here and there. Please find in attachment some of the issues with screenshots we found while testing 2.24 on the demo site.

These are mainly related to Tracker capture, a few to outputs. Summary below :

Data elements

  • DE domain type Tracker : When I create a DE of domain type Tracker, aggregation operator field becomes frozen.

  • Unable to create Validation rules in programs : DE don’t appear in selection box.

  • Is it possible to view enrollment list for only the selected org unit. Right now, the list shows all enrolled entities irrespective of the org unit selected.

  • Display list of enrolled entities seems inconsistent. The program’s setting is to display the list on front page.On clicking the org unit, the page says no person found. On the contrary, if I search through a keyword, I get suitable results and can find the tracked entity I am looking for.

  • Fields greyed out in the tracker capture , data entry widget although the stage says Open. & Unable to click on ‘Complete’.

  • Can’t find the event filter box in 2.24 in tracker capture.

  • Translations of apps not showing up in apps menu. This is a bit inconsistent, because I remember for once it did show the app names in French.

  • Pivot table : Clear Pivot table message doesn’t show up on clicking on’ Table’.

  • Data table: Org unit doesn’t show up on table, says undefined.
    Event capture:

  • Looking forward to the fix and be able to test the new features.
    Thank you


International Medical Corps

issues 2.24.pdf (1.34 MB)