Mónica form Ecuador

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Hi everyone! I´m Mónica. I´m from Ecuador. I want to learn about DHIS2 because I´m interested for implment here in Quito.
I´m Work in Secretaría de Salud.
I love travel, and I love learn about new things there are in others countries.



Buenos días y bienvenido Mónica

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Hi @monikamparito

Thank you for your post, and welcome to the DHIS2 Community!

It’s great to see you post in the community and sharing your goals here. Here you will find many people to connect with, ask questions, and even reinforce the things you learn by sharing your knowledge. You are always welcome to post here and keep us up to date with your projects. :slight_smile:

In addition to participation the community. There are many tools available to assist you in your journey. Including the DHIS2 Academy which will help you in your learning journey and onwards towards implementing DHIS2 in Quito. Learn more about the DHIS2 academy here.

Additionally, have you checked out the DHIS2 Academy digital self-paced courses?

Finally, you are also welcome to write more details about your project to the DHIS2 Core Team by writing an email to post@dhis2.org

Thank you! :slight_smile: