Mobile app platform not working properly as well as the desktop render type

Dear All,

We are using the dhis2 (2.35.2) but we faced unexpected problem with the mobile application as you can see in the images attached,
in the enrolment stage 1 and stage 2 i have some sections that i can see in the desktop in browser where i cant see them in the mobile applications as you can see bellow, hope you can help me to solve this.

Dyspnea Ass-3 yes
Dyspnea Ass describe

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Hi @said ,
Could you share some testing credentials so that we can check what is the problem?
Thank you!


Hi @said,
I’ve been checking and the issue comes from program rules and rule action conditions.
Most of your variables are booleans, so these variables will only evaluate to true or false. So for example the expression #{Dyspnea Assessment3} == 1 won’t work.
Changing all these expressions to something like #{Dyspnea Assessment3} == true will make them work.
Also I found some program rules variables that where failing due to its name containing the word “and”. I guess the word “or” will have the same problem. So I would try to change it also.

I think this is somewhere in the docs, right @jaime.bosque ?

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Dear Pablo,

I am sure that i am in safe hands, so do whatever needed hoping that these will solve those issues, just let me know when you finish the changes needed in order to check the updates.


Hi @said .

@Pablo is right, you need to update your program rules to follow the Rule Engine specifications for it to be compatible con Android. There are some differences which will soon disappear but in the meanwhile you could follow the documentation for your Rules to be compatible with both web an Android: Program rules supported - DHIS2 Documentation


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Dear @Pablo @jaime.bosque
I have change all the booleans variable from 1 to true , 0 to false.
i eliminate the and and or from the program rule variable, bust i still face same problem. !!! any idea can you check please.

Hi, @said .

I just connected and seems to be fine to me:

  1. Vacinnation YES shows the following


For the other issues I believe there is more going on with the programs rules and will need more time to troubleshoot. Will try to update but I think there are some errors in the program rules which cause Android to bug.

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