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Hi there,=20

ideally you should serve everything over SSL and set scheme=3D"https" on th=
Tomcat http connector. That will make DHIS understand that its running on=20

As far as I can remember we have improved how this is detected in later=20
versions so updating to 2.18 could help.




On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 9:33 AM, <alexandre.vanobberghen@unibas.ch> wrote:
Hi Lars,=20

Thanks for your prompt response.=20
Indeed, I checked with the server admin, here is the response:=20

"Tomcat serves the content unencrypted (http) over port 8080. On ports 80=20
(http) and 443 (https) runs an Apache HTTP web server which acts as a=20
redirecting proxy:=20

80 -> 443=20
443 -> 8080=20

We do this to enable both non-Tomcat content (HTML, PHP, CGI...) and=20
Tomcat content to be available on port 443."=20

So, just to confirm, once we update our server to Java 7 and DHIS2 to=20
version 2.18, I would have the same issue, correct?=20