Missing read access for tracked entity type


I’m trying to access Tracker capture App, but I’m getting this error “Missing read access for tracked entity type person”. Any idea on how to enable read access on tracked entity type? Thank you.


In the image below, I think you need to

  1. click on the 3 dots
  2. choose sharing
  3. click on can can capture and view



Thanks alot @dmbantu

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how do i access this particular menu on google chrome

Hi @okugab712,
Follow the instructions in the screenshot (Click on the Apps Menu, Select Maintenance App, and then select the Programs tab. Second, in the second tab select Tracked entity type in the left sidebar, and after that on the TE type, you can select the ellipsis (three vertical dots) to choose “Sharing settings”)

Hi all,

I just realized this issue can happen even when u had all the correct sharing in place.
For example I had this issue and when I opened my maintenance app, the Tracked entity types were empty!

The solution to this in this case is restarting the server entirely. May be the core team can comment on why this happens because sometimes it happens to org units, programs , etc.

This for sharing @mauricejm! What version of dhis2 are you using? Was there an attempt to clear cache (hard reload and clear cache?) If browser cache didn’t solve it, probably using Data Administration app → Maintenance → Clear application cache and reload apps would resolve the issue.

Did you check the Network tab if there were errors with the API requests?