Minified React Error #31

Dear DHIS2 Support,
We just upgraded our instance to 2.35.6 from 2.34.6 yesterday and noticed that some dashboard items were no longer loading, specifically, single value charts.
When we tried to open the specific chart in the data visualizer, we encountered this error:

An error occurred in the DHIS2 application.
The following information may be requested by technical support.
Error: Minified React error #31; visit[]=object%20with%20keys%20{httpStatus%2C%20httpStatusCode%2C%20status}&args[]= for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.
at _i (https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:135616)
at https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:140504
at Po (https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:149986)
at gs (https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:190514)
at cl (https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:181023)
at sl (https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:180948)
at Js (https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:177957)
at https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:129342
at t.unstable_runWithPriority (https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:204931)
at Ur (https://…/dhis-web-data-visualizer/static/js/136.5f9b85b3.chunk.js:2:129051)

in t
in si
in kt
in Connect(kt)
in div
in div
in Rd
in Connect(Rd)
in D
in a
in Unknown
in Suspense
in div
in T
in div
in P
in s
in DHIS2RuntimeProvider
in y
in Unknown
in m

We noticed that this issue affected single value chart items created using indicators (whose components are program indicators).

I have tried to reproduce this on the play demo but there is no 2.35.6 instance available anymore and the error is not reproducible on 2.35.7.

Please, what could be causing this?

Hello Dr @ifeanyiokoye could it be the same issue which is mentioned here in DHIS2-11292 If so it says got fixed in 2.35.7

Maybe you can also flash catalina.out snippets during this operation so that other experts can comment

Hi @ifeanyiokoye, sorry you are facing a problem with these single value charts after the upgrade. May I ask you to share what these indicators consist of? Does this happen for all indicator types? Additionally, if you attempt to create a new single value chart with a number value, are you able to save the chart and open it in the app?

I’d agree with @jthomas that the catalina.out could be of great help. I’d also recommend that while you open the chart make sure the Network tab in the browser’s developers tools is open (F12) so that you can see if there’s any error. If it’s possible please share the complete HTTP request from there too. More details = less time experts take to identify the issue! Thank you so much! (:

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Thank you @Gassim.

We upgraded to 2.35.7 and this is not an issue for us anymore.

Thank you.

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