mHealth4Afrika - WP3 Metadata import - URL to finalise population of dataElementsOptionSetMapping.csv

Dear all,

Do anyone know about these changes (below) to version 2.25?

Jens K


Dear Chipo and John,

      NMMU are finishing the import of the meta data.

The first three files have been imported:

i)���������������� Org-units

ii)��������������� Optionset

iii)������������� DataElements

      Based on the demonstration in November it is now necessary to save DataElementsImport.csv again as� dataElementsOptionSetMapping.csv, populate the Optionset Row, save and import.

      In the previous version of DHIS2 I was able to go to /api/optionSets to access an xml file to populate the Option set row in dataElementImport.csv.

      In v2.25 it appears that the URL has changed. Please confirm the URL to access the xml file to complete the population of the Optionset row for dataElementsOptionSetMapping.csv

      Please also clarify when importing this file � is the object type � Data element or a different name?

      Look forward to your feedback this afternoon if possible so this stage can be finalised.

Best wishes,