MetaData Sync Server connection error

I’m trying to set up a configuration for an instance in the MetaData sync app, but It throws an error “Network error, check if the server is up and CORS is enabled.”
I have internet access on my laptop, plus I have added the source server URL as a CORS whitelist on the remote URL.
Note: The remote server has no SSL. while the source server has a SSL .

Kindly assist where necessary.

Hi @Kenyuri

Thank you for the post! The Metadata Synchronization app is developed by EyeSeaTea so hopefully someone from their team will support you.

@SferaDev @ifoche would you please have a look? Thanks!

Hi @Kenyuri .

As you said, in MDSync it is necessary that you introduce the sender domain in the receiver CORS whitelist in the DHIS2 Access list in the server settings, and in certain situations, multiple entries may be needed. e.g. if your origin domain is you may need to have 2 separate entries:

Not sure if that could help. Apart from that, there may be issues related to the physical network connection or devices in between the 2 instances that are difficult to debug without a direct access. In any case, everything about MDSync configuration (including the text documentation) you can find it here:

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