Metadata packaging & sync

This topic has been created in order to stimulate the community in sharing experiences & tools used for packaging, versioning, and syncing metadata among different DHIS2 instances


Aha! good to see this topic.

Is there a way to bundle my tracker application (including org unit, option sets, trackedentityattributes, data elements, program, program section, dashboards, users, user roles, (with their permission), etc into a single package that can be imported into an empty dhis2 instance?

What is the best practice?

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Thanks @ifoche!

For a start, there’s an important reference in the DHIS2 Documentation: Configure metadata synchronizing

I think this involves two steps when using the Import / Export app. First exporting the Metadata export (which include all the metadata you mentioned) and second would be exporting the metadata dependency export. Another approach might be using SQL queries on the database.


Thanks @Gassim
The docs on ‘Configure Metadata Synchronizing’ was helpful. but for some reason, the system does not get updated with remote server password as mentioned in the docs, even after multiple attempts. So I tried to use the Metadata Import/export method trough the Import/export app. This way I did a metadata dependency export/import but during the import that also raises an exception on Legend Set as below (from the logs):

I see some foreign key stuff in the error message. Does this have to do with my configuration or its a known issue with importing legend sets. I’m v2.39.2 on both servers.

Kind regards

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Hi @Quoda

I think this could be related to this issue: [DHIS2-7936] - Jira

I will need to double check with @dhis2-platform ! Thanks!