Metadata import: all object ignored (Invalid reference)

Continuing the discussion from Large metadata Import, tomcat dying silently:

Hi again @Eric_Boyd_Ramirez,

For the first topic post to remain focused on the same subject, I moved the new problem to a new topic post. It will also help getting support for this exact issue.

As mentioned in the previous topic, I believe it will help a lot if you share the template (just the headings not the data) you are trying to import. And, is this a metadata dependency import or a metadata import?


Thank you @Gassim for starting the new post. I am not sure I understand your request/question. My problem is that when i “SELECT ALL” from the metada export, and then import the generated file into a separate instalatiion, dataEntryForms objects are not included; is this the expected behavior?

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@Eric_Boyd_Ramirez ,
As a workaround for “Invalid reference issue”, you can open <server_url>/api/dataEntryForms.json?fields=:all&paging=false and add the result to your import file.


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