Merging duplicate patients from different tracker programs


Please kindly assist, we have two tracker programs on dhis2. Some clients where then captured on both programs before we had a unique identifier across all programs. These are now causing problems as they are duplicates so how can we merge the patient demographics from the two programs such that each client is captured only once then enrolled to other programs.

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Hi @Gaolape,

Thank you for reporting this issue and congrats on your first post on the CoP!

In 2.33, we implemented the possibility to flag TEIs in the Tracker search so they would have a message saying that they were a possible duplicate when you would go to the TEI dashboard. There is unfortunately no functionality to merge them yet, however, this is something that is on the radar of the dev team, but not yet slotted into a future release. Here are some relevant JIRA issues, feel free to comment or vote for them!

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