[Members] Linux Training in Kampala - 2011 Update

Might be of interest to Uganda based folk (and neighbours)


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From: Brian Ssennoga <b.ssennoga@gmail.com>
Date: 6 October 2011 11:37
Subject: [Members] Linux Training in Kampala - 2011 Update
To: Uganda Linux User Group <lug@linux.or.ug>
Cc: FBT <fbt@it-inwent.org>, members@fossfa.net, FOSS certification

Dear All,

As we enter the last quarter of this year, if you have plans to
certify Linux skill, here are some important UPDATED dates as well as
some NEW information:
Linux Systems Administration - Level 101 - October 10th - 4th November 2011
Registration Deadline (Fixed) - Friday 7th October 2011 at 5pm
Exams to be sat: LPI 101, LSA 101 (Fees Apply)
Linux Systems Administration - Level 102 - November 14th - 9th December 2011
Registration Deadline (Fixed) - Friday 11th November 2011 at 5pm
Exams to be sat: LPI 102, LSA 102 (Fees Apply)

Now you can sit in one class, and choose which exam to take -
International OR Local!!!
Same Class can be taken as Face-to-Face (2hrs, Mon-Fri evenings) or
Online (2.5hrs/2days/week + Saturday face-to-face) - Certification
needs to be Convenient!
Discounts ( upto 25%) available based on strategic memberships such as
FOSSFA, LUG; and Student /Group Rates - we reward networking and
community participation.

Further details can be sent, upon request, OR got at COSS Offices at
S7 Complex in Namuwongo, Kampala.
Map to S7: OpenStreetMap OR http://g.co/maps/5d87e
Visit: http://coss.ug and write to: training@coss.ug or Call: +256 754
245 700 for details.
Apologies if you are receiving this more than once.
Brian Ssennoga - for COSS
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