Meetup: Learn how HISP WCA integrates DHIS2 with EMPRES-i and how you can benefit

Hi everyone,

It’s time for another developer meetup at 2024-04-11T09:00:00Z, and this time we’re joined by HISP West & Central Africa who will present how to integrate DHIS2 Zoonotic events with EMPRES-i, a global animal disease information system. Register here if you want to learn how this integration works.

This can be a really informative presentation for anyone working on integrating DHIS2 with other systems, and how you can learn to migrate data in an efficient way.

Currently the interoperability solution is running a proof-of-concept pilot in DRC, but the goal is to make the integration a flexible and dynamic solution you can adopt too.

Currently at DRC, zoonotic events are collected in DHIS2 at the subnational level, then manually re-typed into the country’s EMPRES-i workspace at the national level.

The goal of this proof-of-concept is to reduce duplication of manual data entry and improve the quality/timeliness of data. However, the app is expected to be in demand from other countries where both DHIS2 and EMPRES-i are used, therefore, it can be customised to support country requirements.

Want to tune in?

The presentation will be at the monthly developer meetup, 2024-04-11T09:00:00Z

If you aren’t yet registered for our recurring zoom meeting, you can do so here:

note: registration has changed since February, so make sure to double-check if you’re registered.


Hi @Rene, how far with this development? Is the integration app ready for testing in other countries?