Maximum Number of Data Elements threshold for DHIS2 Tracker Program

Dear All,
If anyone could support me, with the information that how many data elements that could be added on single program in DHIS2 Tracker.So that, analytics doesn’t get overwhelmed and don’t breaks the DHIS2 System integrity?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Roshan.Konda,

From my experience I can tell you following :

  1. TEI load and rendering time will be slow. The reason is more number of DE/Teas, more time needed to run PRs in the background
  2. Analytics has nothing to do with number of elements. They are independent. It depends on the number of your indicators and active Data used in your program will use disk space.
  3. Depending on your number of elements the metadata will be loaded slowly, it may affect your customers/users, if they have weak Internet.
  4. Sometimes people trying to get all event DEs get in one event-report. It has limitation for that. Max about 300 DEs.

Only the question is your program architecture design. Probably you will need to separate some programs into small programs and connect them by relationship.


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Dear Sir,
If we have more than 1600 data elements on the single program, does it breaks the analytics?or it will effect the normal behavior of the DHIS2 application?

As I mentioned above it will immensely slow down the program.
Regarding 1600 DEs - this limitations has no connection to the DHIS2.

as you can see each DE will be assigned to it’s own column.

This is Postgresql limitations, see here: postgres/htup_details.h at de41869b64d57160f58852eab20a27f248188135 · postgres/postgres · GitHub


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Thank you @Ulanbek , do you have any idea how to shift the program stages from one program to another,with out affecting data entered?

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@Roshan.Konda I have no idea about your architecture, and how they are interlinked. So it needs time to study and understand it.
Otherwise try to group the stages into logical blocks and divide it based on it.


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Thanks @Ulanbek!

@Roshan.Konda, it will help a lot if you share the use case for each of these programs. Thanks!

Dear @Ulanbek
We have HIV Program as the main and there are 20 stages under it, for different programs that are under the HIV programs and overall data elements are more than 1600 for this HIV programs.