Maven for OpenMRS and IzPack

Info on OpenMRS built with Maven. I am also thinking of adding IzPack plugin to our pom.xml so we can build an installer using Maven.



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From: Matt Blanchette
Date: Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 5:50 PM
Subject: [OPENMRS-DEV] Maven omod plugin and OpenMRS build


Hello everyone,

I’m working with Bruce MacLeod and Brent Atkinson on the MoTECH project

(Bruce previously introduced us in the forum).

We’re using Maven for development of our OpenMRS module for the project.

I’ve seen some discussions about Maven in the past and wanted to bring up

our use of it with OpenMRS and get some feedback.

Maven Plugin for OpenMRS Module:

Brent has developed an OpenMRS module (omod) Maven Plugin for use in our


The main purpose is to build an artifact with the omod extension when the

project packaging is omod.

Other actions provided by the plugin include:

  • Automatically includes compile or runtime scoped dependencies (and their

transitive dependencies) in the omod lib folder.

  • Provides means to automatically manage list of hibernate mapping files for

use in config.xml and hibernate configuration.

  • Verifies the structure of omod based on the config.xml file.

This plugin is still in development and is currently hosted in our Apache

Archiva repository.

Here is the generated site for the project:

Maven Build of OpenMRS:

I have setup a Maven build of OpenMRS 1.5.0, starting from the tagged


The main purpose of this build was to explore the possibility of a Maven

build for OpenMRS and to also better understand the dependencies and their


We are not using this build or its artifacts for our module project. The

OpenMRS artifacts used in our module project were built using the Ant build

and installed in our Archiva repository.

This Wiki provides example usages and also reasons for the changes:


Matt Blanchette

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