"Mark as complete"

Hello list,

I would like to rekindle the discussion around how data entry should work both logically and practically, as the current solution is probably not yet ideal, particularly on mobiles.

The meaning of the toggle button that alternatively is labeled “Mark as complete” and “Mark as not complete” easily causes confusion, at least in the mobile browser interface. I think it could make sense to relabel it ONLY ON THE MOBILE as “Report dataset” and then remove the button and replace it with a message on top that says “Dataset already reported”. A supervisor can then look through the data reported in the webapp and toggle the flag back to Not Complete if needed.

The health worker will still be able to change the data after the flag has been set, but not reset it. Many people have confused the completeness and locking features, which have now apparently been completely removed (?). Also, we have to do a better job training them in the semantics and best practice around this button.




Knut Staring

Dept. of Informatics, University of Oslo