Maps in DHIS2 2.33 migrating from DHIS 2.27 or 2.30

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We are trying to migrate either from 2.27 or 2.30 to the latest version 2.33, but we are having problems migrating the polygons for our maps. Apparently there is a different way to represent the maps, we have coordinates from our 2.30 version and now the way DHIS2 handles maps appears to be different. Anyone has a step by step process on how to do this migration?



I think you could just export the orgunits in the old instance and import them, which should update the missing coordinates. But have not yet tried it.


Thank you Knut, we tried exporting the OU from old version and import them in the new one, but no map appear just the OU tree. I believe it has something to do on how the new version handles the polygons


Hi Jose,
The change related to OU and coordinates is done in the version 2.32.

  • A Geometry ( Geometry, 4326 ) field geometry is added replacing the coordinates and featuretype fields for OrganisationUnit .
  • A Geometry ( Geometry, 4326 ) field geometry is added replacing the coordinates columns for OrganisationUnitGroup .

So, I believe, you’ll need to re-import the polygons/coordinates in the new field geometry.

Good luck


Hi @jgaf1980,

I am going to mark @pablodelmedico’s post as the solution here, hopefully it did help you too?

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Thank you all for your help, we did solve the problem.

Lots of appreciation

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Just to share how I did this in another context (though there may be better ways), namely I exported coordinates by using .geojson as extension in the URL, then converted this to GML using ogr2ogr and used the GML importer. I can give more details if needed.

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