Maps app + Basemaps not available when offline

Hi everybody,

In the Maps app, basemaps are not being loaded when we want to use the app in an offline dhis2 local server (attached image).

Local server doesn’t have a continuos internet connection (only in specific moments). But we would like to give the possibility to the users to analyze data through the Maps app while there is no internet conenction like in other dhis2 app.


Hi Pablo,
Unfortunately basemaps are not available offline, as it is not something we install with the DHIS2 instance. You should still be able to use DHIS2 Maps to analyse data without a basemap.

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Hi Bjorn,

Thanks for your answer. I understand.
But are you planning to add this offline feature to the maps app in any dhis2 release?

Like for example, at least for the maps that are added as an item in a dashboard you can download/saved the minimum geodata for that specific area in order to be shown offline.
Or any other option that you don’t need to saved the whole geodata for the basemaps into DHIS2 but it’s still possible to analyze data through maps in an offline context.

Thanks for your support, we’re in touch

Thank you @pablodelmedico for your post and suggestions! Discussing topics and features with the community and core team is very helpful.

Please feel free to create a DHIS2 feature request in and kindly share the link here so other community members can find, vote, and watch the feature request.

Thank you!