Mapping data element with value type set to "Org unit"


Is it possible to set a data element value type set to “Org unit” and then map those instances when used in a tracker program? The org units have specific GPS coordinates attributed to them already (not polygons but exact positions).

During the initial consultation the org tree will be used to select the area (suburb) where the patient came from and I want to generate a map that shows the location of all of the patients? I understand that setting the value type to “Coordinates” should allow me to do this, but someone less familiar with the system will use it and we only want suburb-level data (making the org tree selection ideal).

Any help would be apprecaited


Hi @ACoetzer1988,

Thanks for your message. Does the feature in the JIRA issue - [DHIS2-3354] - Jira - meet your requirements?

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@ACoetzer1988 Right now our biggest delay in developing this feature is not having a clear picture on how this data should be viewed. Specifically if there are multiple values stored against a single point (facility, clinic, village, etc) then how should that appear to the user so that they know there are multiple.

Do you have any opinions of examples you could share on this?

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