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For questions and issues around using the maps app or generating maps in DHIS2

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Sorry to disturb you. I would want to know why i could not convert a chart to map. it keeps on rolling without generating the map. - George Uzoigwe


Hi George, There could be many issues here. First are you experiencing this problem on your own DHIS2 database or on one of the training or testing databases on If it is an issue you have found on then please submit it as a bug to JIRA.

If you are experiencing it in your own database there are a few things you need to check. Did this just start after updating for a newer version of DHIS2? To troubleshoot, first make sure that you have a solid internet connection. Producing maps can require better internet than just making a pivot table depending on how complex the map is. Second, make sure that you have shape files or coordinates for the organizational units you want to make the map for. Third, make sure that you have data saved against the org. units you want to make the map for.