Map application takes a while to load

Hi all,

I have this problem with the MAPS application on my dhis2 instance. It takes long to display a layer, It happens when trying to load any layer and the period is a range for 2 years and the data item is one. The organization units are only 38 org units.
When I try to load the same data through the data visualizer it displays the data instantly.
Am using ;
dhis2 Version 2.32.6-SNAPSHOT
CPU cores 8

Kindly assist where necessary

Hi @Kenyuri,

Thanks for reporting your issue! Hopefully, our maps expert @Bjorn_Sandvik can help you out :slight_smile:


Kindly assist me with these maps issue.

@Bjorn_Sandvik @Scott @Gintare
Kindly assist on this issue, I haven’t managed to solve it

Hi Kenyuri,

Sorry for my late response. Could you add a screenshot of the layer when it finally loads? It would also be nice to have a screenshot of the network tab in your browser console, so I can see what takes time to load.

This is strange!

If you click the time column header for your network requests to sort them, to get the slowest on top. I would like to see the networks requests that take the most time to to finish. Could you attach a screenshot of what you see for your instance?

Hi Kenyuri,

Try to only select RIVER STATIONS while not selecting the any levels. Do you still get the map you want?

By combining level and group selection we get a very large response from the Web API where it seems that the stations are replicated (total 2399 org units/stations are returned, if only RIVER STATIONS is selected it’s reduced to 35 stations).


Thank you so much , its now working fine