Mandatory Rule Problem

Hie Everyone,
I have a problem with setting mandatory rules. Here is the scenario:
I have two questions of which the second question is affected based on the answer to the first question.

  1. Do you suffer from diabetes Yes No (Data element of value type yes/no)
  2. If Yes Is diabetes controlled Yes No (Data element of value type yes/no)
    When answer to Q1 is “No” Q2 is hidden and when answer to Q1 is “Yes” Q2 is mandatory
    Now when I answer Yes to Q1 Q2 becomes mandatory which is fine BUT when I change to “No” Q2 is hidden but still stays mandatory. This started happened when I upgraded to Capture 2.6 and dhis2 server Build 57f2dac.

Please help or it it a bug?

Hello @Kabango_Malewezi

Can you post the details of the program rule that puts Q2 as mandatory ?

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Hi @Kabango_Malewezi

Could you please try on the latest version released 2 days ago 2.6.1? As you can see in the example below, this is a very simple rule that should be supported:

I have created a very simple rule with already presents DataElements:

  1. If pregnant (program rule condition) then
    1.a Make Diabetes mandatory (program rule action)
    1.b Show warning making it mandatory (program rule action)
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Thanks all. The upgrade to 2.6.1 has solved the problem.


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