Managing user dashboards as Sys Admin

As super-user/ sys admin is there a way for me to see a list of all user-created dashboards & who created them? Using 2.30.

Thanks for your help!

You should be able to make this more human readable with a SQL View and joining user and dashboard tables, but I was able to find dashboards with User UID, Created Date, Name and Dashboard UID through “URL”/api/dashboards?paging=false&fields=user,created,name,id

Does that help?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the suggestion - that’s a great start. However, it seems that this just brings up a list of the dashboards that have been shared with my account - not all the dashboards created in the system. Do you know how I would be able to access a complete list?

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@Guerra-Arias_Maria right you are! My mistake.

Looks like you’ll need to join a couple of tables to make this complete;

SELECT dashboardid,uid,code,created,lastupdated,lastupdatedby,name,userid,externalaccess,publicaccess,description FROM dashboard

Will get you all the dashboards with all info, but gives the User info on who last updated it with “ID”. Perhaps someone with my SQL experience can create the second stage of this, i.e. the join between the dashboard table and the user (?) table to get from User ID to User Name.

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Super useful, thanks!