Maldives Launches Electronic Immunization Registry [EIR] - based on DHIS2

After more than 10 months of collaborative effort between Ministry of Health (including National Immunization Program of Health Protection Agency) , technical support from WHO consultants (including HISP LK team) and financial support from WHO and UNICEF, Maldives had officially launched the EIR today.

This EIR is a customized version of the DHIS2 EIR meta package that fits the country’s EIR reporting and recording work flow. It allows the longitudinal tracking of children’s vaccination status from birth and provides a solution for verifying previous vaccinations, especially if the vaccines were taken from multiple facilities across the country.


Great Job :+1:


Thank you for sharing with the community @Shamah! :slight_smile:

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Very exciting news, @Shamah, thanks for sharing.

We are looking forward to hearing any challenges, successes and lessons learned you have with DHIS2 after using this EIR system for a while.


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