Malawi Covid-19 electronic vaccine certificate

Abstract, DHIS2 Annual conference: Immunization session Monday June, 20th at 2pm.
This credential is helping to facilitate the safe movement of Malawians and expatriates across countries. The certificate is enabled with a QR code that contains a public and corresponding private key to securely authenticate and protect the identity of the holder. It is also enabled with verification/authorization workflows that protects the integrity of the certificates.

Key features: capturing of patient demographics through program attributes; capturing vaccination details through program stages; defining program rules that auto-completes most sections/attributes e.g. having vaccine name, batch number, expiry dates as option sets; authorizing certificate and generation; SMS notifications.

Sample certificate: HERE


  • Rajab E. Billy - Ministry of Health, Malawi: Head of Software Products Development and Sustainability
  • Blessings Kamanga - Ministry of Health, Malawi: Software Products Manager for Business domain Services
  • Joseph Wu - Ministry of Health, Malawi: Senior Technical Advisor

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