Please note that we are using MAKE REFERRAL between OU.

While using “Move permanently” feature, we noticed that the target OU still cannot edit the existing stages (only view).

Kindly advise if there possibility of editing the existing stage.

Hi @CHAMMAA_Houssam_Mahm

Sorry for the late response! What is the version of DHIS2 that you are using? Could you check the sharing settings for the target OU?

The target OU should have ‘capture and view’ rights,

Dear Sharaf
We are using version 2.35.4
and the target OU has “Can capture and view” as they can create and edit their records, but they cannot edit any stage transfered to them

Awaiting for your advise

Thank you

B Regards

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Hi @CHAMMAA_Houssam_Mahm

Please test if you’re facing the same issue in any of the latest versions on I suspect that the issue could be in an older version, but if the issue can be reproduced in the latest versions then it might be a bug.