"Make mandatory" program rule action no working


I am in the play 2.36 version trying to create a program rule that makes a particular field mandatory. Taking the Child program example, I have the expression set as 1 and the action as Make Mandatory DE field MCH Apgar score.

But when I checked in the Tracker dashboard layout it is not working (I am logged in with an user without F_IGNORE_TRACKER_REQUIRED_VALUE_VALIDATION authority as suggested in here

Am I missing any step? is this a bug from the system?

Any guidance would be much appreciated


Hi @barreda,

I have the same problem. Did you manage to make the program rule work?



Hi @barreda,
one suggestion is to use “true” instead of “1” to make it always run.
I am not sure how it is implemented in the web application, but if you use android app any string/number different from “true” will be evaluated to false.

If this is not fixing the problem in the web application, @Markus should take a look at it.

Hi @enrico, @jaime.bosque, @barreda,

Writing true in the expression did not work for me on web. Bur by writing 1 == 1 in the program rule expression, the program rule works well on web if you log in with a normal user; not admin. I haven’t tried it on android yet.