Make a user to do an action in program stage

Hi everyone,

I am looking for ways to force a user to close an enrollment if the answer to a data element is No. Note: it is a repeatable stage.

In the image below, I want to force the user to close an enrollment if the answer to paciente reintegrado no TARV is NO. Once enrolment closed, it should be tagged as closed so that the user no longer enters data for this stage.


Hello Hernandez Machava.

Unfortunately, no program rule exists to forcefully close an enrollment. Here’s a suggestion.

Create a program rule that hides subsequent questions(sections) if the response to the question “paciente reintegrado no TARV” is NO. You may also set rules to notify the entry clerk to close enrollment.
If you need assistance developing this program rule, please see this community post.

I hope our response is able to solve the issue you were facing.

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