Major issues with dhis2 upgrade from 2.36 to 2.37

Hello community, I have had two major challenges after a successful upgrade from 2.36 to 2.37.
Issue No. 1: Maintenance application does not work well. It just go blank when click.
Issues No. 2 : Users app goes blank

Meanwhile when data administration tools are run, they run successfully without errors.

I need urgent assistance on this.

Hi @fosuhene!

It’s good to hear that you found a way to ‘temporarily’ fix using the Data Administration app (right?) What do you think from the Data Administration app is fixing it? Is it the ‘Clear application cache’ and ‘Reload apps’ for example?

Would you please share the browser log for when these issues appear in your browser? I’d recommend you browse the instance in incognito mode, open the Developer Tools (F12) click on the Network tab then go to the ‘Maintenance app’/‘Users app’ and if it turns blank, check if there are errors (red text) in the Network tab + the console tab. This might help to understand what is causing these issues.

Please make sure that your user account has all the proper authorities required to view and access these apps. Thanks!

I am getting new errors running analytics since upgrading to 2.37. Not every time but either says that it failed or “unauthorized”. If I wait and run again or run in incognito mode typically it will work a bit later.

@Natalie_Tibbels if you could get more info from the logs and steps to reproduce the issue, it might help to get the developers testing the issue behind this. Thanks!

Sorry family, I did not mean, I have had it resolved. I meant, data administration runs with no errors suggesting that, configurations are done right.

I have seen the error logs at chrome console.

After upgrade, https request is been made to non https. That’s causing both the maintenance and users app to stop responding. I need further assistance.

Again, this is the error I am getting by accessing users app:

An error occurred in the DHIS2 application.
The following information may be requested by technical support.

TypeError: a.canCreate is not a function
at mn.userHasAuthorities (
at routeConfig.ln.reduce.routes (Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development)
at Array.reduce ()
at mn.setRouteConfig (Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development)
at mn.componentWillReceiveProps (Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development)
at pa (Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development)
at Si (Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development)
at Ci (Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development)
at Fo (Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development)
at Yo (Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development)

in mn
in Connect(mn)
in t
in withRouter(Connect(mn))
in t
in div
in En
in t
in xn
in a
in Unknown
in Suspense
in div
in E
in div
in H
in Q
in Y
in DHIS2RuntimeProvider
in P
in N
in R
in m

Any help?

Hi @fosuhene -

Have you correctly set the https and base.url configuration options in you dhis.conf file?

# Enable secure settings if deployed on HTTPS, default 'off', can be 'on'
server.https = on

# Server base URL
server.base.url =

See the server administration installation docs

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Yes please.

https request response

Hi @fosuhene ,

If you are using nginx, can you check that you have X-forwarded-Proto set to https in the location scope:

      proxy_set_header          X-Forwarded-Proto  https;

In addition, in tomcat server.xml you should have the the scheme setting on the connector:

<Connector scheme="https" proxyPort="443" />

(quoting the above from here)

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Hello @Phil,

I am using tomcat and ssl configuration done right. What I see in the log is reference to Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation & Rural Development. Am I missing something here on the api/29?

Please you notes will be helpful.

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@fosuhene this is almost certainly a misconfiguration of https somewhere in your infrastructure, either in the a proxy like nginx, in Tomcat configuration, or in DHIS2 configuration… have you double-checked that there is no proxy server running in front of your Tomcat? By inspecting the response headers on the URL you linked it looks as though you are using an Apache server as a reverse proxy, so you should ensure that the Apache server is correctly configured to use https as the scheme.

cc @bobj

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Hello @fosuhene . I think @phil is pointing you in the right direction above.

If you have proxyPort="443" scheme="https" in your Connector element in server.xml you should not see that error. Can you confirm?

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