Low-cost implementations / DHIS2 support in East Africa

Hi all,

I am looking for:

  • Resources and information on low-cost or out-of-the-box implementations of DHIS2
  • Companies or organisations in East Africa (in particular Kenya) which could support with design, set-up and maintenance of DHIS2 for a community-based healthcare organisation.

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions,



Hi @Guerra-Arias_Maria,
If you have an expert in dhis2 in your organization you can follow DHIS2 instructions available in the DHIS2 community(i think this will be more cheaper), or if you perfare you can look for an organization or company that is experianced on the DHIS2 deployment and its all resources as indicators implementation and so on( like baosystems or others). But also depending on your timeframe and budget you may decide if you wish to have a kind of consultant working on this, so that they can speed up the deployment tasks. If so, you can inbox me.


Dear Maria Guerra-Arias,
We are glad that you are considering DHIS2 for your community-based healthcare organization. Health Information Systems Program Kenya (HISP KE) implements DHIS2 in Kenya and its environs and we would be glad to share with you information about DHIS2. You can reach me on raphael_pundo@hisp.or.ke or info@hisp.or.ke
Kind regards