Lot of issues with indicators dealing blanks


I am experiencing lot of problems when dealing with indicators and blanks.

I’ve open three separated tickets in JIRA:

The summary is:

  • Same indicator has different behaviors when showing alone or with others. Alone is showing blank when the value is blank. But when other indicators are included in the same query, the same indicator gives zeros instead of blanks.
  • Indicators including multiplication of values show zeros, even if one of the multiplicand is blank.
  • if sentences in expression do not allow to give a blank output. In 2.32 the expression is considered as malformed. In 2.30 the expression is accepted but a NaN is returned instead of blank. In 2.30 is not possible to do any workaround since the isNull, isNotNull functions are not working at all.

Al that is very frustrating, thank you for helping !
Here some screencaptures, more details in the JIRA tickets.

Data in the system:

Test1: Indicator is the value of TEST1 Male. Blank it’s ok

Test1b: Indicator is the same. But now it’s showing 0 instead of blank!

Test2: Indicators are the multiplication of Male and Female. The result is ok for TEST1 (2), but not for TEST2 dataElement (o instead of blank!)

Blanks are not expected as output of indicators…


Thanks for sharing these issues, Ramon.

@Scott – maybe you have some ideas?


yes me too facing this

Hi @Ebrahim_AL-Anesi,

Thank you for your post! Would be grateful to know which of the issues above are you facing? I see that two of the issues above have been closed and fixed with only one remaining as ‘To do’ ([DHIS2-8061] - Jira); however, whatever are the issues you are facing, would you please share the steps to reproduce these issues in any of the play.dhis2.org?

Thank you so much!

Hi, thank you for your answer.
Steps to reproduce are indicated in the ticket. Not only the steps but also the json with the needed metadata to ease de debugging process. They may need adaptations since the ticket was reported in 2019…

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Thank you for following up, and welcome back to the community! (:

Let’s mention each Jira issue one by one, please:

For the first issue, DHIS2-8059 it has been closed because the developers (@maikel , @Kris_Reinhardt) weren’t able to reproduce it. If you would, please record a video to reproduce it in any of the latest instances in play.dhis2.org and share it with us. :pray:

The second issue, @scott responded that it is already supported, so please let me know if you are still having any issue with the latest versions

Finally, for the third issue, it seems to be marked as “To do” so if this is the only issue remaining let’s follow up with @scott for updates. (:

Thank you!

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