Looking for local DHIS2 consultants in Botswana


If you are a DHIS2 consultant working in Botswana, please contact me.


I am currently in botswana, doing a consulting job for the ministry of health and wellness.

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Hi @Manya

Thanks for letting me know. In fact, I was looking for DHIS2 consultants who live in Botswana so we can contact them when needed. However, please share your email id. We will try to meet when time permits.

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Thanks, it will be good to meet before I leave later this month. I am based at the ministry offices.

Ayub Manya

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Hi Prabu
I just saw your post now. I’m not based in Botswana but I travel there quite often because it is closed (few hours drive from where I am based).

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Thank you for letting me know. Please share your email id so I can contact you when needed.

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Hi Selvaraaj

I have worked in Namibia and Angola supporting the Ministry of Health in rolling out DHIS2.

Have worked and supported several NGO’s i.e WHO,CDC,JSI,PSI, PASS II /EU just to mention a few.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any DHIS2 related projects.

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Thank you @Don_Vieira for connecting with me. Sure, I will contact when needed. Our current project is already given to another consultant. But, I am personally looking for some training/help in developing DHIS2 App. Is it possible for you to assist in this respect?

Thanks and have a good day.


Apologies for the late reply.

I actually thought I did reply.

Here’s my email antoniusimmanuel@live.com

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Thank you. I will contact you through mail.

Have a good day!

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