Looking for local DHIS2 consultants in Botswana

(M.Selvaraaj Prabu) #1


If you are a DHIS2 consultant working in Botswana, please contact me.

(Ayub Manya) #2

I am currently in botswana, doing a consulting job for the ministry of health and wellness.

(M.Selvaraaj Prabu) #3

Hi @Manya

Thanks for letting me know. In fact, I was looking for DHIS2 consultants who live in Botswana so we can contact them when needed. However, please share your email id. We will try to meet when time permits.

(Ayub Manya) #4

Thanks, it will be good to meet before I leave later this month. I am based at the ministry offices.

Ayub Manya

(Tlohang Moeketse) #5

Hi Prabu
I just saw your post now. I’m not based in Botswana but I travel there quite often because it is closed (few hours drive from where I am based).

(M.Selvaraaj Prabu) #6

Thank you for letting me know. Please share your email id so I can contact you when needed.