Looking for DHIS2 support with indicators

Dear All,

I need support to create indicators i am happy to start working with DHIS2 from short time. i have finish (installation, creating orginization unit, data elements, program, and finish the enrollment) with the support and guidance of some members which i respect, like all of you.

But i still need some help with indicators since i really tried hard through the guide 2.33 and youtube. but :woozy_face:

Anyway i have create an excel to describe my needs, but i am sure that in order to make things duable the member who need to help us he should access our DHIS2 and we have no problem with this we can manage this with TV.

Thanks in advance

Saeed A. Ghattas

indicators.xlsx (79.4 KB)

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Hello @said
I just looked the excel list and seems to program indicators, so few things to understand
Are you using covid-19 program package ? or is it an aggregate data ?


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Dear Tuzo,

we create a covid-19 program of three stages:
Primary Assessment. telephone Triage and follow Up stage.
Any other required info so you can help,

Thanks in advance