Looking for DHIS 2 Transition Plan

I am involved in the customization and configuration of our National COVID 19 tools into DHIS 2 and have successfully done that. My organization is now in the process of transitioning the platform to the Ministry of Health. This will be the first time DHIS2 will be used in my country.
I am asking if there is a transition and sustainability plan for this that has been used in other countries. I can be able to contextualize the document to fit my country scenario. Is there anyone in the community that can help me please?


Hi @bhaindapa1

Thank you for your email. It’s great to hear about your successful and positive experience using DHIS2 and the effort to move into a nationwide support. You’ve taken a great step forward stepping into the community of practice and sharing for input. There are many posts that could be helpful and maybe other community members will be able to help if you share further details such as what system is currently being used.

Additionally, if you’ve not taken the Planning and Budgeting course, I recommend taking that one because it covers your question: Planning and Budgeting DHIS2 Implementations | DHIS2 Online Academy

For nation wide implementation support, you are welcome to write an email to the DHIS2 global team describing the implementation project with as many necessary details as possible. (email: post@dhis2.org)

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Dear Benjamin,
In addition to the information that @Gassim has provided, I also thought I would reach out to you. My name is Michael Buttsworth, and I am the focal point for DHIS2 for the University of Oslo in the Pacific region, and includes PNG. I am based in Australia and am happy to discuss further if you needed to. The course that @Gassim mentioned is a great starting point. There are also some other resources that might be of use including components of the DHIS2 maturity assessment, core team planning, etc. It could also be good to link you to the HISP network.
Kind regards,


Hello and thank you Michael and Gassim for the wonderful advice. I really do appreciate that. I will definitely complete the course that you have advised. To explain in more detail, I am working on a Project which includes the transitioning the HIS of PNG onto the DHIS 2 platform.
Most of the project work has been completed and now the process is also to submit to the National government a plan that they could work on during the transition of some of the public health information system in PNG. We have been working with our government counter parts and most have accepted that DHIS2 is an ideal platform, and they really want this to be used in the Health Sector in PNG.

Another plan also is that we really want some of the people we have trained on the use of DHIS2 to attend the basic DHIS2 training and am wondering if there could be arrangement of a DHIS2 training to be conducted in Papua New Guinea.

This could even convince the government that DHIS2 is supported by experts globally and if this system is introduced to be used as an HIS in PNG, there will be specialist within the region to continue support to the host country.
From me, I am also continuously developing myself on the use of the DHIS2 system.

With that I thank you so much for the reply and hope to hear from you soon.

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Thank you Michael. I would really appreciate it if you could link me up to the HSIP network. I am starting a new journey into the DHIS2 network and having me included in the HSIP network would be a great starting point for me.

Here in PNG, It seems I am the only one that can be able to customize and configure forms into the DHIS2 platform.

I am also requesting if it may be possible to also get me to attend the DHIS2 conference as well so that I get to feel what its really like when meeting all the DHIS2 experts, I may be the first Papua New Guinean to really be skillful in DHIS2.

I am only saying this because I am so interested in DHIS2 and really want to be an expert here in PNG.

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Hi Benjamin, It sounds like you are doing some good things there in PNG. I will respond to you via the email you sent me and we can discuss further. Kind regards,