Logo_banner 404 warning

We are developing a custom app in a docker-based DHIS2 platform 2.36.3 and we found that logo_banner always returns 404. The link of the file is -
https://[dhis2 web site link]/api/36/staticContent/logo_banner

I also found that this file shows 404 in different country production DHIS2 as well…is this a known issue?

I tried it but could not operate.

Hi :wave:

It’s normal for the /logo_banner end-point to return a 404. Perhaps a better name for the resource would have been /custom_logo_banner as that would signal what it is used for.

When the Header Bar is loaded, it fetches /logo_banner to see if a custom logo is uploaded to the instance. If there is one, then the resource returns 200 OK and the custom logo is used in the top left corner of the Header Bar.

If there is no custom image uploaded, then we get a 404 Not Found back from /logo_banner and the Header Bar determines that the official DHIS2 logo should be used instead.

So the way it works is by design, and the console error message is an unfortunate side effect of that.



Okay. Thank you.

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