Login - username case sensitivity

Wanted to gauge any appetite to change username to be case insensitive on login.

Chatting with a few people at the annual conference, seems to be a common support issue of users complaining they can no longer login to DHIS2 - and more often than not it’s because they’re not typing in their username in the correct case.

Would community be in favour of making username case insensitive? We could remove a blocker for users, and save time wasted to support users that make this mistake (time after time!). Cheers, Dave

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I’d like to add my vote to this change. It’s probably not just a user-friendliness issue, but also a security consideration - it seems risky that it’s possible to have two different users with the same username (just different capitalisation) in a single instance, as this increases the risk of accidentally modifying the wrong user’s permissions etc.

We’d obviously need to deal with any legacy users, but that shouldn’t be difficult. (Eg this could be made a system setting which defaults to ‘case insensitive usernames’, but if the upgrade script then finds duplicate usernames, it keeps this switch at ‘case sensitive usernames’.)


This one of the hindering factors to use a DHIS2 system particularly for new users and found to be waste of time in struggling against user names. Indeed, I am in favor of making the user names case insensitive. Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the feedback Gents, have logged a JIRA issue here https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-7201 if you’d like to vote for it! Have a good week, Dave

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