Login time-out in Tracker versus elsewhere


(Calle Hedberg) #1


I’ve noticed that when I leave an instance open displaying e.g. the dashboards, the system will log me out after X minutes. This seems like a reasonable security feature.

When I have Tracker Capture open, though, I never get logged out. So it seems like the Tracker Capture app disables the auto-logout feature… Is that correct?

The logic of this difference does not make sense to me - I would have expected that having Tracker Capture open actually INCREASES the possibility of somebody else getting access to e.g. patient-identifiable data. Dashboards are on the other hand usually much less sensitive because they tend to display anonymised information, not patient data.


(Ameen Mohamed) #2

@Calle_Hedberg This sounds like a bug. The session timeout should be universal across the system.

(Calle Hedberg) #3

@Ameen, thanks - I have logged a JIRA issue DHIS2-5926