Log In Problem on Android Apps

Hello All,

I am from Bangladesh. I can not log-in through android apps. My handset is Huawei and Poco Phone.

Would you please suggest the solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @md-rahim.

What is the issue you are having; do you get an error message? Have you tried connecting with the same user via the web interface?

Can you try connecting to one of the testing servers? https://play.dhis2.org/2.33.1 with user android and password Android123 to see if the problem is in your server or in your device?

Let us know.

Thanks a lot for your support and quick response.

Getting error message all the time on Huawei device, Pocophone: “Please try again”

All id are working through web interface and in all browser.

Your testing server also not working from android same device.

Would you please suggest more would be glad.

Thanks in advance